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Photo of us setting up at Spring Scream while Jimi gamely reads the not terribly flattering review of Dribdas in the Ugly American. photo by one of the thousands of dedicated Feiwu groupies
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Feiwu News / 廢物消息

12/3/2012 - Feiwu is back? Check out the official Feiwu Facebook page

Feiwu is no more. 廢 物 解 散 了 。

10/25/99 - 廢物樂隊演唱會 - TVBS Superlive, our first real performance on TV. Lots of fun.

9/21/99 - Taiwan rocked. We're thinking about organizing an earthquake relief concert. Anyone interested in helping? Post on the message board or get in touch with Steve.

9/1/99 -「跳火圈」終于好了! Our new CD "Ring of Fire" is finally done and in stores. Does anyone know what "Ring of Fire" refers to?

8/31/99 -Congratulations to Feiwu drummer Steve Tsai who rejoins the ranks of the employed!! After some time (2yrs!?) Steve, as of 8/31, is a proud employee of the TTV cable station. He will be a cue boy for the stock market report segment of TTV news......Go Steve!! 廢物鼓手蔡承宇找到工作了!!他8月31日起為東森電視台的股票報導節目成了 現場指導!小宇。。。加油吧! (Isn't it ironic now that the only REAL unemployed goodfornothing feiwu is EX-Feiwu Ian who as of last contact is happily doing absolutely nothing somewhere in upstate New York.)

8/7/99 -The Crystal Records compliation is out. Feiwu, Groupie, and Ladybug. It's dirt cheap (NT$85) and sounds pretty damn good.

7/24/99 -The Dr. Martins compliation is done. Feiwu has 2 songs on it. Also appearing are 1976, Sugar Plum Fairies, PK and others. Produced by JoyTopper includes a bonus CD with remixes of all the songs by DJ Fish and DJ Reggie. Look for it in a store near you!

7/23/99 - Ok, maybe you've heard by now, but here's the OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Ian has left Feiwu. He's left Taiwan to go back to Boston to pursue his lifelong dream of.. um... whatever it is he's been dreaming about his whole life. We're not looking for a replacement, but if you really want to try to convince us of what a good lead singer you would be, we'll listen as long as you keep buying us beers.

5/22/99 - We just finished recording and mixing our next release. It's a CD with 4 new songs, an unreleased track, a hardcore techno remix and a selection of live stuff from our shows. Crystal Records is going to help us distribute island-wide in late July or August. We'll keep you posted.

5/22/99 - Sorry about the delay in updating the site. Bob's computer broke and it took him forever to fix it. You can yell at him if you want.

OLD NEWS - 舊 的 消 息

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Links / 相關網站

Rockacola - more Feiwu info

Superchunk - We played a concert with these slack motherfuckers 4/24/99

Seam - Andrew is using Sooyoung's Rat pedal

Klaxon Records


Crystal Records- 水晶唱片- our Taiwan distributor

Music Colony Bi-weekly(MCB)- our HK distributor

Spring Scream - do you have the 1999 Spring Scream Cd yet?

Ladybug (English) - 瓢蟲 (中文)

Dribdas - 蘿卜腿

The Bananaland - homepages of 糯米糰/Sticky Rice, 夾子/Clipper, 濁水溪公社/LTK Commune, 骨肉皮/Groupie and more

1976 - great page - we stole most of our links from there


夾子 - Clipper

救火隊 - Firefighters

The Fly

閃靈 - Chthonic

刺客 - Assassins

第三者合唱團 - Third Party

The Holy Psychos

88顆芭樂子 - 88 Guava Seeds

The Breathe






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