As a fiber artist, I want to express my own experiences and feelings through color, pattern and design. My original, off-loom weaving technique, which I have been developing for about 30 years, allows me to explore new expressions from this oldest material used by mankind.

I was inspired by yarn wrappings in traditional crafts of China and other countries, where yarn has been used to cover many geometric shapes.

  Using a sturdy wood frame as armature, I develop the technique of using one strand of yarn at a time in two different directions to build up three-dimensional effects. From different angles, the viewers can view different surfaces to see a shifting play of colors and shapes. Sometimes I wrap geometric shapes individually and construct them into assemblies. Many of the armaturers are from recycled materials.

My works are often described as "High Tech", due to their unintentional resemblance to blown-up computer chips. But I like to play the contrast of the soft and warm material like yarn with rigid geometry and systematic process, in my continuous search for new and unexpected expressions.

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